Monday, February 7, 2011

Social Media 2.0 - Day 1 at OMS 2011

As I sit here in Conference room B at the Westin Gaslamp I look around to see the room filled with Macbook Air's, iPads, iPhones, and a variety of other tablet computers.  This makes me wonder if the standard laptop is nearing end of life, at least for those whom are in the e-biz arena.  Not sure why I find this interesting, or how this is relevant to Social Media, although I believe it points to the real time response of community engagement.  Oh, and this blog, along with the rest of them this week are being written on my iPad.  So it is apparent I am among the self proclaimed mobile elite.

The training today is titled Social Media 2.0.  We have all heard of Web 2.0, and most believe it is all about Social Media.  When O'Rielly media came up with that name for their conference in 2004, it was supposed to describe the re-birth of the web after the Dot Com crash.  This was to showcase the transformation of a static web to that of a dynamic and contributory web experience.

So, does that mean that this session explores the rebirth of of Social Media.  A field that many still believe is in it's early stages?  Not exactly.  This session started off with a great story about an airline, identity being hidden, who used Social Media to connect directly with a customer who appreciated the great customer service he received.  The stories here discuss the impact that Social Media has had on business and everyday life throughout our world today.  So, Social Media 2.0 is the transformation that Social Media will, and has, bring to businesses globally.  

Social Media gives a voice to those whom previously only spoke in small groups.  Case in point, Egypt.  Through Social Media, the smallest voice in the crowd can now have the largest impact, and society, is now the judge of what is relevant.

For business, it is the ability to analytically analyze a companies ability to communicate with, not to, their customers.  Further, a company who LISTENS and REACTS to the conversation will be closely connected to their customers in a way that was not possible before.  Rather than being a brand of choice, you become a member of their community.  Ultimately you stop hard selling to your customers and your start to fill your communities needs.

This REVOLUTION in business has, and will continue, to impact our world in a way only compared to the industrial revolution.  So, I have talked about the what and why, throughout this week I will share a lot of different how's as OMS 2011 rolls on!!!    


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