Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mobile Blogging Unleashed

With the nature of my work, I find it hard to be able to sit down in my home office and spend the time necessary to write relevant and thoughtful blogs. Well, I think I may have found a solution to my problem, BlogPress for the iPad.

Mobility is important to me, as you will find the more that you read my blog and Twitter (@socialsitecore), posts. I am often in meetings, seminars, and conferences and wanted to find away that I could write my thoughts down right away as I suffer from CRS ( Can't Remember S$@&) and often only remember the main points of why I wanted to write something.

Think of it like the author who has a journal next to their bed on the nightstand. Instead of a journal, I have an iPad, and it goes everywhere I do. Now I have the ability to share my perspective in real time as it happens. This App is also adaptable for the iPhone, which is also always on me, and allows me to take pictures, post them to my blog, and write about the image as it happens.

Does this change my blog from a collection of topics and personal reflections to a "news" reporting tool? Not exactly, however it does allow me to utilize my iPad as such. What does this mean to all of you, more posts more often, real time reaction to speakers, magazine articles, blog posts, and online news. Another step towards real time social media.

Next Blog: Social Media in the Community...


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